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The contract that adapts easily to the specificities of your business.

Is a client injured on your premises?
A negligence in your performance and your client is wronged?

We offer a wide range of civil liability coverages for the liberal professions and the tertiary professions.

Professionals: discover the offer of Lanala Assurances to protect your liberal activity and accompany you on a daily basis.

Civil liability insurance for whom?

Every day in the course of your activities, you are at risk of unintentionally causing harm to others.
In the event of professional misconduct or accident, Lanala Assurances is at your side:

  • In the work of your profession juridique : Lawyer …
  • In the work of your Professional Occupation : Expert-Comptable, Engineer, Architect, Real estate agent, Optician.
  • In the work of your Medical or paramedical profession : General practitioner, Specialist physician (Dentist, Gynecologist, Dermatologist …), Pharmacist, Radiologist ….

Our objective: to ensure the sustainability of your activity.

By choosing Lanala Assurances, you protect your professional activity and ensure your civil liability to third parties on a daily basis.
Thanks to efficient solutions adapted to your activity and your expectations, we support you in your development.
In the event of professional misconduct in the performance of your duties :

  • Professional Liability LANALA Insurance covers indemnities that you may be liable to pay for damages resulting from professional misconduct by you or your agents: error, omission, or negligence.
  • Whatever their nature (physical, material or immaterial consecutive), these damages may concern your customers or third parties.

In the event of an accident at your premises :

  • The Civil Liability and Exploitation guarantee covers you in particular in the event of consequential physical, material or immaterial damage caused to third parties, customers, trainees … which occurred within your premises.

Multiple Damages

Professional insurance in one contract …


Business premises

The solution for your professional premises


Computer and Electronic Equipment

Insurance for your computers and other media …


For maximum protection of your activities.

Multiple Damages

Whether you are an industrialist, a merchant, a craftsman or another liberal profession, you can guarantee the durability of your business on a daily basis.

Because your business is the result of your financial and human investments …

Do not take the risk of slowing down or stopping your activity, or even lose your clientele in the event of fire, water damage, theft, third party misconduct …

A single contract for complete coverage of your company's assets

Lanala Assurances offers you its multi-risk property contract and allows you, through one and the same contract, to have essential and effective guarantees to cover the risks inherent in your business.

The Multi Damage Insurance is an insurance adapted to your needs, whatever your activity

Depending on the coverage you choose, the Multi-Damage Contracts contract ensures:

  • Your buildings and their contents against fire and related risks
  • Theft or attempted theftYour electronic and computer equipment
  • Your civil liability
  • Operating losses…

Business premises

Your company is covered against fire, explosion, theft, water damage ...

In the event of a loss occurring to damage or destroy your business premises, we provide you with the necessary means to resume your business as soon as possible and in the best conditions.

As the assets of your company are valuable, Lanala Insurance guarantees this.

A complete solution for your premises

SME, PMI, trader, industrialist, hotelier …

Exercise your business with total security thanks to Lanala Assurances and avoid the troubles by insuring your professional premises.

Fire, explosion, theft, water damage, electrical damage, breakage of machinery, breakage of ice, special risks …

Lanala Assurances compensates you for the costs of restoring your premises and your professional property (materials, furniture, goods, etc.) as a result of the claims.

Additional guarantees adapted to your needs

Your Consultant is attentive to your needs: after studying and analyzing your risks, we will advise you in order to optimize the coverage of your professional premises.

The following options can be added to your contract:

  • Remedies of neighbors and third parties
  • Tenants’ remedies
  • Deprivation of use
  • Loss of rent
  • Value of your buildings and equipment
  • Excavation costs
  • Expert fees…

Computer and Electronic Equipment

For the protection of your work tools against accidental risks.

Ordinateur, fax, téléphone, répondeur… sont indispensables à l’exercice de vos activités, mais n’en sont pas moins vulnérables pour autant.

Protégez vos équipements électroniques et vos ordinateurs des dommages imprévisibles !

Accidental damage insurance

Your devices are extremely sensitive to over-voltage and subject to theft, but are also exposed to many everyday hazards.

With Lanala Assurances Lanala Assurances Lanala Assurances, your IT, office or electronic equipment is covered in the event of a loss that damages them.

Wide coverage for the protection of your computer and electronic equipment

Lanala Assurances assumes the costs incurred as a result of the deterioration, destruction or disappearance of your electronic or computer equipment, whether internal or external, caused accidentally or by your act or that of your servants.

The consequences of material damage to your equipment are especially guaranteed when they result from the following events:

  • Short Circuits / Overvoltage
  • Fire / Explosion / Lightning
  • Fligh…

The following options can also be added to your contract:

  • Loss of data or data carriers
  • Expert fees ……

Find the right LANALA sales network to help you with all your Insurance needs.

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Why a LANALA Sales Network?

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